After the update of iOS to version 14 there were some problems with the Bluetooth Stack where the GOFAR Bluetooth connection to iPhone sometimes gets corrupted. We are currently fixing it but right now as temporary fix please do the following. 

1. Make the phone forget the GOFAR Bluetooth connection. First go to the phone Settings and select Bluetooth.

2. Then on the right side of the GOFAR dongle you will see the information icon you just go ahead and click it. 

3. Then select forget device.

After making the phone forget the GOFAR dongle. You will need to redo the setup. Here is how you do it. 

1. From the GOFAR app go to settings then select vehicles.

2. After that select edit car and redo setup. 

3. You will then go through the prompts on how to redo setup. After that the Bluetooth connection should be successfully established. 

If in case the fix doesn't work please contact