There instances in which the car is being shared among drivers. You don't need to worry because you can setup GOFAR with multiple phones. 

We are developing some new features to seamlessly allow for multi-car and multi-user. In the mean time we have a work around that allows for multiple drivers to share one car provided they are all on the same account.

Here's how you can setup GOFAR for multiple drivers. 

1. Have each driver of the car download the GOFAR app.

2. Have each driver sign into your GOFAR account (so all users are on the same account).

3. Then, during the first trip for each driver iOS will ask user to allow the phone to connect to GOFAR via bluetooth, click allow.

(This will allow multiple drivers to share one car using one GOFAR account.)

If in case you are having issues with this settings then please contact