There are time where calibration goes off. Instances in which you drive the Ray is too sensitive with breaking and acceleration but it was working perfectly before. In this situations you may need to reset calibration. 

Here are the steps to reset calibration. 

Note: Make sure that GOFAR app is connected to the adapter for this to work. 

1. Go to the GOFAR app settings.

2. Click advace.

3. Click Calibration

4. Click on Reset Calibration.

Auto calibration of the motion sensors may take 30-60 minutes of driving, depending on the type of traffic you are in.  When you start calibrating, all the LEDs on the Ray will be white.  When they are all green, calibration is completed.  Normally it completes within one or two trips in the city but if you do a lot of highway driving it can take longer. 

Auto-calibration requires 11 'stop-starts' to complete. This means that the car needs to be standing still for at least 10 seconds and then start moving straight ahead.  

Each time you do a 'stop-start', an LED on the Ray will change from white to green. The home screen of the app will also track the progress of calibration - as the Ray turns green, so also do the progress segments on the app turn green.

When all of the lights have turned green, the calibration of the motion sensors is complete, and the Ray will turn blue and start operating normally.  

All trip data (eg distance, speed etc) will be accurate whilst calibrating but there are no scores or acceleration data.

If you want to fast track calibration and complete the process in about 5 minutes, then you could find a quiet area with no traffic and simply start and stop 11 times as described above.  Obviously you must follow all normal road rules if on public roads!