With the introduction of Oreo, Google have made changes to the way their GPS and Bluetooth services work. To ensure that GOFAR users can enjoy reliable GPS data and Bluetooth connectivity while using Oreo, it was necessary for us to introduce service notifications into our Android app.

Some users find these notifications annoying, and the good news is that these notifications can be turned off with out affecting the performance of the GOFAR app. Below you can find the steps to remove these notifications.

Please note that your regular notifications (services and car health etc) will not be affected by this setting. It only affects GPS and Bluetooth service notifications.

1. Please go to your phone settings, followed by "Apps & notification".

2. Next, select the GOFAR application.

3. Then, choose "App notifications".

4. Find the "GOFAR Services" category in the list and switch to "Off".

This will hide notifications on when Bluetooth is on and also the notification that the app is using GPS. (Both were introduced with GOFAR version 1.11 to support Android Oreo).


If everything fails then you know what to do - contact us at Please include the following details: 


Your name.

Type of car.

Type of phone.

The email address you used to set up your GOFAR account.

And the nature of the problem with the details of the steps you tried.