How your car calculates your odometer

Your car calculates your odometer too.  The car calculates odometer distance using tyre rotation and has to be accurate +/- 4% in most countries.  The odometer reading will be affected by your tyre pressure, tyre size, atmospherics and a number of other small factors.

How odometer is calculated by GOFAR

GOFAR calculates each trip distance based on time and speed and we are usually accurate to within 0.5%.

We then add up all your trips to create a total calculated odometer reading.  

The two methods are both educated estimations in other words but can result in different readings and we have created some systems to ensure we match back to the car's odometer.


The Odometer value on the app only updates after you finish each trip. You can open the app while you're driving but what you will see is the odometer value from the last trip because the updated odometer value will change after the trip. 

Upgrades on the GOFAR odometer reading.

When you do a fill up and put your odometer value, GOFAR starts to learn the characteristics of your car and it adapts. After 3 fill ups GOFAR will match the odometer value in the car. 

In order to accomplish this you need to 2 things. 

1. You need to at least drive 100km on each odometer entry because we need to make sure that we have enough data on your car's characteristics. 

2. You need to do 3 or 4 odometer entry so that we could catch the data and it will match your car's odometer value. The more you do odometer entries the more the system learn's your car's characteristics.