There are some cases where it may be necessary to manually update the Firmware on the GOFAR Adapter (we call this a forced update or firmware recovery). This may be required where the automatic updates are not working, or where the Adapter requires an update to function correctly. Please ensure that you have tried any other relevant troubleshooting steps before forcing an update. Below are the steps required to complete the forced update.

Special Notes:

For all GOFAR units purchased from March 17, 2019. 


Please check first if you have a V1.5 adapter before doing a Firmware update. If so then we suggest contacting support and not go through the Firmware  update. Here is how you would know if you have a V1.5 adapter.

Normally the Firmware version is shown as if the 2nd digit of the Firware version is showing a number 2 then that is a V1.5 adapter just like in this example

  • Make sure you have a stable internet connection (data usage will be small, only around 2MB).
  • Keep your phone in the car and connected during the update.
  • Please allow around 15-20 minutes to complete the update process.
  • Your car does NOT have to be running during the update.
  • Some Android phones may require several re-tries, if this happens go back to the start, disconnect and reconnect bluetooth and start again.


  1. Open the GOFAR app and go to settings.
  2. Tap Advanced -> Firmware -> Firmware Recovery

       3. Enter code 2708 and carefully follow the steps.