Firmware is the special name for the software that runs on the GOFAR Adapter. Having up to date firmware is very important for your GOFAR to work best. Usually, any available Firmware updates quietly download to your GOFAR Adapter in the background whilst you drive. When it's fully downloaded and ready to install you'll get an alert on the app. Sometimes though you may want to check if your GOFAR Firmware is current. Here are the steps to check your Firmware version.

The latest Firmware version at the moment is and


  1. Open your GOFAR app and go to settings.
  2. Select Advanced> then click on Firmware.

Your Firmware version will show like this:

If your Firmware is not up to date yet, please allow at least an hour of driving with your GOFAR connected. Any new updates will move across to the Adapter automatically in the background over bluetooth. When the update is ready, you will see the update button appear on the app home screen like below. Once you press the button updates take about 30 seconds to complete.

Note: In the case that your firmware is not up to date and you are not getting the update button (after more than an hour of driving with the GOFAR connected) you may need to do a forced firmware update. Please click the link for instructions:

[How to force update your GOFAR Firmware]