GOFAR should automatically connect to your phone each time you take a trip. If this doesn't happen, you may notice the outer two lights on the Ray go red and stay red, or that trips are not showing up in the GOFAR App.


The most common reason for this to happen is if the GOFAR App has been closed or if you've turned off bluetooth on your phone. Another reason for this to occur is if your phone's operating system has inadvertently killed the GOFAR App from running in the background (this can happen from time to time especially if you use resource intensive apps like games). If this happens, the GOFAR Adapter is usually able to wake up the GOFAR App immediately when you start, or within the first few minutes of the trip. From time to time though it may fail to wake up the app so we are constantly making improvements with each new GOFAR software release.

If you're having difficulties with GOFAR connecting to your phone the steps below should help.


1. Make sure the firmware and your phone's software are up to date. 

2. Turn your phone's Bluetooth off and back on again.

3. Forcefully close the GOFAR App and then re-open it.

4. Turn your phone off and back on again, and then re-open the GOFAR App.

5. Reset the GOFAR Adapter.

These steps should solve nearly all issues with Bluetooth not connecting. However, if after this your GOFAR is still not connecting to your phone's Bluetooth then please try ALL of the following in order.

1. Delete the Bluetooth bond from your phone.

2. Then, delete the GOFAR App and reinstall it on your phone (from the Play store or App Store). 

3. Then redo vehicle setup: Open GOFAR app, sign in to your account, and go to settings, Tap Vehicle -> Edit car -> Redo setup


If everything fails then you know what to do - contact us at support@gofar.co. Please include the following details: 


Your name.

Type of car.

Type of phone.

The email address you used to set up your GOFAR account.

And the nature of the problem with the details of the steps you tried.