This problem can occur on either Android or iPhone. It almost always happens if the user has tried to pair with GOFAR through the Bluetooth settings on the phone. GOFAR pairing works completely through the app and trying to pair via Bluetooth settings can cause issues. Nothing to worry.

If you are an iPhone user do the following to resolve the issue:

1) Go back to Bluetooth settings on your phone (just this time)

2) You will see GOFAR as one of the paired devices 

3) Tap (i) next to it and forget the device

4) Now open GOFAR app and retry the setup process

Android users also follow similar steps with minor differences

1) Go to settings and then select Bluetooth

2) You will see the list of paired devices

3) Look for GOFAR on the paired devices list 

4) Click the GOFAR paired device on the list and select unpair. 

5) Now open GOFAR app and retry the setup process.

If the issue persists, email us at