How should it normally work ?

1) User installs GOFAR app on the new phone

2) Starts the car engine 

3) Opens the app 

4) iPhone prompts to pair with GOFAR

5) User accepts that request 

6) App tracks trips normally from that point onwards

Problem scenario:

Often when users upgrade their iPhone and install GOFAR app they tend to go into Bluetooth settings and try pairing from there. Although this is the conventional method of pairing Bluetooth devices, GOFAR pairing works completely through the app. If you have done something like that, I suggest you follow the steps above. However if you already followed the normal procedure but you still did not get a pairing prompt, then I suggest you try the following:

  1. Unplug GOFAR dongle from OBD port

  2. Start the car engine

  3. Replug the GOFAR dongle back into the port

  4. Open GOFAR app and go to settings

  5. Tap Vehicle -> Edit car -> Redo setup

  6. Follow the steps as instructed in the app and complete the setup

  7. Your Ray should turn white after completing the setup.

If everything fails then you know what to do, contact us at