Why do users need to frequently update the firmware ?

By firmware we mean the software that runs on the GOFAR adapter (OBD ii unit).

At GOFAR we are always adding new capabilities/features to the adapter to improve user experience. 

How does firmware update normally work ?

If the app detects a new firmware has been released on the server, it starts downloading the firmware to the app first, while you are driving the car.

Once this download finishes, the user gets a prompt on the homepage of the app to 'Install Firmware Update'. Installation should complete within couple of minutes.

The user needs to make sure that there is a good internet connection and Bluetooth is connected before tapping 'Install Firmware Update'

What to do if you get error message 'Try again in 20 seconds' ?

Well first thing to check, make sure you are close to your car and Bluetooth is connected then try again.

If that does not resolve the issue, I suggest you do the following:

1) Start your car engine

2) Wait for 2 minutes

3) Shut down the engine

4) Turn on Ignition (but don't start the start)

5) Tap ' Install firmware Update '

If all that fails contact us at support@gofar.co