We have come across a few diesel cars where fuel consumption reported by GOFAR does not accurately match the car's output. 

What's the problem?

In some cases fuel consumption is reported as zero for every trip.

In other cases fuel consumption is reported but is quite inaccurate.

How GOFAR calculates fuel economy

GOFAR does not read fuel economy from the car but instead calculates economy based on data from sensors in your car like mass air flow and engine load sensors.  In most cars this works very well.

However, in certain cars these sensors are either missing or are report values that are not correct and this throws off our fuel calculations.

What you can do - if your car is not reporting fuel consumption at all

If your car is reporting zero fuel consumption please email us at support@gofar.co.  We will check if it's due to old firmware (which can be fixed with an upgrade) or if the car is simply not reporting an important input value.  If it's the latter then this cannot be fixed unfortunately, and you can request a refund - but please note that all other features will still function normally - such as diagnostic error codes, trip tracking, trip scoring and business expenses.

What you can do - if your car is reporting fuel consumption inaccurately

We have introduced a new feature called "Fuel Trim".  This allows you to manually fine tune fuel consumption reported by GOFAR by adjusting the "trim" up or down.

The feature is available in your app Settings -> Vehicles -> Edit Car -> Fuel Trim.

The feature is live on iOS and Android