GOFAR is designed to collect your trips seamlessly in the background and it usually does so!  However it may not connect to your iPhone in the following situations

  • If Bluetooth has been turned off on your iPhone
  • If you have closed the GOFAR app on your iPhone
  • If Apple's operating system has closed the GOFAR app on your iPhone
  • Recently, an iOS update (iOS 11) has affected Bluetooth connection reliability.  Our best estimate is that Apple will fix this in November.

[Oct 17th 2017 update]  If you are struggling to connect your iPhone it is likely you are affected by Apple's iOS11 update.  Until they fix it we recommend you open the app more frequently than you might have done in the past. 

Standard troubleshooting if your iPhone is no longer connecting to GOFAR is as follows:

  1. Make sure Bluetooth is turned on your iPhone
  2. Make sure the app is open on your iPhone
  3. Start the car with the app open and check the live trip is recording 

If you're still not able to connect try the following

  1. Close the GOFAR app and reopen it
  2. Turn Bluetooth off and on
  3. Start the car with the app open and check the live trip is recording

If GOFAR is still not connecting with your iPhone, try the following:

  1. Turn OFF Bluetooth on your phone
  2. Close the GOFAR app
  3. Unplug GOFAR Adapter from OBD port
  4. Start the car engine
  5. Then plug the Adapter back into the port
  6. Turn ON Bluetooth on your iPhone
  7. Open the GOFAR app
  8. Check to see a live trip is recording

If you are still having issues please contact us on support@gofar.co so that we can investigate further.  

(One last thing - in general, it's also worth keeping your iPhone charged or charging whilst in the car - Apple will sometimes close apps that are running in the background if the battery is getting below 10%).