We constantly seek to improve GOFAR, but we've improved our Android firmware update process but if you're having a problem here's what you need to do.

  1. Do this after you've just completed a drive (or go for a short drive or idle the engine for 5 minutes*).
  2. Make sure the trip was recorded in the app (which means Bluetooth is connected).  If the trip is not recorded you might want to visit this FAQ.
  3. Next, turn off the engine
  4. Wait for one minute.  Enjoy the view.  Think deep thoughts.
  5. Turn the car ON but DON'T start the engine.  In older cars, this involves "half" turning the key in the ignition.  In newer cars you typically push the ignition button once but don't hold it down.
  6. Finally, with the car "on" but not running, tap the Install Firmware Update

Within a couple of minutes, installation should complete.

If however that fails, please contact us at support@gofar.co telling us you've completed troubleshooting, so we can investigate further and get your sorted.   

* doing this for 5 minutes allows the device to do a CRC check (Cyclic Redundancy Check) in the background which allows us to verify all your readings are correct.