We've added in a startup feature at the beginning of each trip, while the GOFAR unit is connecting with you phone. The lights on the ray will move from left to right, going red on the right, while it is connecting with your phone - see picture below:


Once it has connected with your phone, it will change to all blue like normal.

After a minute, if it can't connect to your phone (because it is not in the car, is not charged, or the bluetooth is turned off) the 2 side lights will turn red like this:


The ray will still work normally during your trip, changing colour as you accelerate and brake. As soon as it connects with your phone, the 2 side lights will go blue again. The unit will still score and track your trip, you just won't get a map for the trip, as it wasn't connected to your phone.

If you do have your phone with you in the car, open the GOFAR and app and the ray should turn blue. If that doesn't work, check that your bluetooth is turned on - turn it off and on, and the ray should turn blue. If that still doesn't work, contact us at support@gofar.co.