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Brake/rev penalty

Hi there,

I always wondered if there's a way for you to deal with the apparent brake penalty for the score when going downhill, and the high rev penalty when going up again.

Let me explain: I know Australia is not flat like Kansas, you do have some hills. Not the Alps, but you do have ups and downs on your commutes. But I'm not sure if you do experience this on a regular basis:

I do have a 2km downhill path on my daily commute which spans around 150 meters of elevation. It's speed-limited to 60 km/h downhill, which my car doesn't really fit for the steeper part - third gear is around 70 to 80 (depending on oil temp), while second gear slows down to 40-50 (which is okay if there are slower trucks in front of you). So usually I have to brake while in 3rd. Now that I actually do know the Alps and how to brake, I don't let the brakes slide all the way, which may cause fading brakes and damage to the brake pads. Instead, I prefer short brake actions that reduce speed by ~15 km/h, followed by a few hundred meters without brakes applied. That way, I hover around the 65 km/h mark. Gofar lights up red as it thinks that's an unnecessary sharp action and my score plummets. If I'd use the sliding brake style, that would never trigger the Ray to go red. In this case, Gofar would reward a bad driving style. Same is also true for downhill intersections, where one is punished for just using the motor brake until it's necessary to apply the real brakes instead of slowing down to 20 km/h rolling speed for hundreds of meters, just because the Ray would flip you off.

On the other hand, the uphill path is limited to 60 on the steeper beginning, relaxing to 80 at the end. Thing is: 60 in third gear is just above 3000 revs, which seems to be the tipping point for the blue-red change (that's also true for the 3000 revs in 5th gear, which aligns nicely to 100 km/h). So for the 60 km/h part, I'm always driving with a slightly red Ray. I can't go to fourth, as there's not enough torque at 2200 rpm. Well, there is to keep the speed just barely, but there's no way to reach 80 km/h in the second part in fourth gear. So usually I rev to ~3300 (65-70 km/h), the Ray goes all red, then I can change to fourth gear which is able to pick up at around 2500 revs. Before reaching 3000 revs at 80 km/h in 4th, the path flattens and I can do 80 @ 5th @ 2500 rpm. So I'm driving around 1/9th of my commute with a red Ray, which might explain part of my 85/83 overall score.

(side note: I once had a loaner VW Polo which has around the same weight as my older Golf, but 44 instead of 77 kW on three cylinders / 1.2l. And a gear change indicator. It also was under the impression that I should go to fourth gear on that hill instead of revving so high - and then even suggested 5th. I did. And it suffered. It screamed in pain when it went uphill in 5th gear at 40 km/h on insanely low revs despite full throttle, causing a huge queue. But it never had the insight that a lower gear might be a better choice...)
If you have access to my data, you should see identical way profiles over and over. If not, I can upload some demo pics.

So, do you think there's a way for Gofar to appreciate the alternate braking action downhill and the need for high revs uphill? Maybe through an integrated inclinometer or using the sensor of the attached phone? It should also be able to sense that there's little acceleration despite being close to full throttle, meaning there's currently no benefit in upshifting.

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I would support these points. I have a daily commute that ends when I turn into my street from a 70 km/h road. The turn is very step and drops about 3 metres over about 10 metres. The only way I can stop the Ray going red is if I have the luxury of not being tailgated by drivers in a hurry. Under these conditions I can drop the auto down a gear and engine break to the intersection and arrive at  a much lower speed otherwise I constantly go red so as not inconvenience following drivers or risk accidents. I am often overtaken through this intersection which has double unbroken lines (which I appreciate is not Ray's fault). 

Note that the reverse is true when leaving my street and having to accelerate quickly uphill to avoid being a problem for other drivers.

So having the ability to factor in angle of descent/ascent or change of elevation would be good but I appreciate that all depends on whether the phone in use has the functionality. Although I suspect all modern phones with BLE do have that capability.

Another issue is the length of very short maneuvers. Specifically if I reverse the car from the garage onto the driveway the fuel economy is very high for a distance of a few metres. Do these short maneuvers impact the overall score? They could skew the stats so I hope they are not really factored in, especially if the car is in reverse gear. Perhaps distances under a specified length of, say, 20 metres, between engine start and stop, are not included in the stats (although  that might be hard to configure if a car has auto stop/start).

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