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More information for business use recording

I have two suggestions around a greater amount of detail for trips:

1. Because the app is geolocating your stop, start and route information, would it be possible to attach the address of the stop and start locations?  And also be able to give them a nickname, ie. a business address.  What I am meaning is for better information for vehicle use for tax purposes, locations would be beneficial, and it would be terrific that the user could give a location a business name (nick name)

2.  Again, another suggestion for business vehicle use for tax reasons....would it be possible to insert a reason for the trip other than a simple tag label such as "business'?  For me it would vary from location to location, so free text would be great.

I have attached a photo of an app I have been using which is called Driversnote which does a great job of this.

Thanks in advance,


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Hi Mark, 

Thanks for the suggestions we really appreciate them.

I  have told the guys and hopefully in the future we'll have this too. 



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