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Part of the reason I purchased the Gofar device is to help wife and I with our driving habits with the aim of saving on fuel.

My wife and I drive the same car with the same Gofar device.  My wife has the Gofar app, with the same login as me. 

Is there anyway of being able to have a prompt on who is driving the car?  We want to understand the differences between our driving behaviour over time and where we can improve.

Thanks in advance,


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Hi Mark, 

Everything that happens in the car is being recorded in the GOFAR adapter. When the adapter syncs to a phone then all those data will replicate to the app. As of now we don't have the feature that prompts who is driving the car. 

Like for example with my case my wife has a card and she has her phone connected to her GOFAR adapter and the I have mine connected to my car. There will be 2 separate data because there are 2 GOFAR devices that saves those data. 

Hopefully in the future we can feature that you were suggesting. 



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