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Custom Car Health Tracking

The ability for the user to add his/her own custom car health tracking labels and be able to set the month/year/kilometres interval. For example, if I wanted to add a "clean car" or "change oil" to my Car Health Tracking so I can monitor additional upcoming tasks instead of the main labels already included (e.g Service, tyre pressure, registration, insurance, ect) This could be done in a similar way as to how trip tags are done were the user can add & remove different tags (home to work, personal, ect). As someone who does most of their car maintenance I could further breakdown and monitor upcoming tasks such as "replace brake fluid" or "charge car jumper starter" instead of the basic "service" already included.

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Hi Ryan,

Thanks for the suggestion, we really appreciate it mate. 

We have applied a lot of improvements so far on our GOFAR product but we still have ways to go. 

We will get there eventually. 



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