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Engine Feature

Any idea when the "Engine" feature becomes available? The one under the "Car Health" tab in app. This was the main reason I purchased my Gofar... I never read anywhere stating "feature coming soon". Sort of disappointing... Any clue how long we have to wait... P. S I'm on Android 7.0. Cheers, Jacob

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Yes, i am also wondering when the engine feature will be available on android, i love the product so far, its amazing! I love tinkering with my car and dirt bike at home, so the engine feature is a big deal for me to have at my disposal. I did ask Ian already on the gofar main page, he's been very helpful so i can't wait for his reply. Then i could post what he tells me so other people on android know when the engine feature will be available. (:
Yes a bit disappointed to learn engine feature not available, it was the reason I bought it. It wasn't for some pretty lights on my dash.
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