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Adding missing car models

Hi Everyone,

Due to the vast number of vehicle models out there on the market, we may have overlooked some car models to add into our app. 

Reply below to let us know if we missed any of your car models and we will add them into our next update!



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Maruti Suzuki Ciaz

Thanks George!

Suzuki Ciaz has been added and will appear in the app in our next update!

Hi, Can you add the car Great Wall Voleex C30? It's a chinese car. Please.
Hi, waiting for trition 2014 dual cab to be added
No listing for VW AMAROK. Can't use my unit do I return and have to wait for update ?
I did ask prior to purchase if my model and make was suitable as it was deisel 2013. I was advised it would work, got an item now I can't use! How long do you wait for an update.?
Holden monaro cv6/cv8 2003

2006 Nissan Navara ZD30 is not OB2  uses Nissan Consult system......there own version.!!

have you guys got around this yet.?

Hi Steve, 

The car manufacturers have been required to have the standard OBD2 port on theirs cars in Australia since 2006 for petrol and 2007 for diesel (and 1996 for the US and 2001 for EU) (this is the port that GOFAR uses).

Before those years, different manufacturers used used all sorts of different proprietary ports and protocols (like the Nissan consult system). It's unlikely that we're going to be able to support these old protocols in the future.

Hope this helps.

Abarth 500 (Fiat) 2010+ 1.4L Turbo

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