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Share data to iPad/Web

Whilst I appreciate the ray in the car is the key feature of GOFAR, it would be nice to be able to view your driving data on a larger screen. 

Currently there is masses of data available but you are restricted to viewing it graphically on the phone screen. The ability to log in to an app on an iPad or to the Gofar website to view your driving habits would be a great add on IMHO.

Hi Dave,

In our latest version of the iOS app, we have implemented the cross-device sync feature. To view your data on iPad, please download the GoFar app from the App store and log in with your current GoFar account. 

To initiate the download of your existing trips, scroll to the date you wish to view and the download will begin automatically. 



I have looked in the app store on my iPad and the GoFar app is no where to be seen unless you select iPhone only

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