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Fuel consumption broken in firmware


I got the notification to install the newest firmware onto my unit yesterday, and ever since I have the fantastic fuel economy rating of 0.0 liters per light year. Maybe you wanna fix that...

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Same issue here.  No economy data since 26 Feb, which is about the time I recall installing the firmware update.  The GoFar app was updated on 3 Mar, so the issue predates that.
I've got an older car, so it will be using the ISO protocol instead of CAN.  That may be why there aren't more people reporting this.  It was working fine prior to the recent firmware update.

Hi Kean,

We apologize for the issue. 

Yes there was a bug in 1.4.0 causing the 0 liter fuel consumption issue. It has been fixed on 1.4.1 which was released yesterday. 



Hi Imam, I installed firmware last night and yes indeed it is now fixed :)
My car now needs fixing, but that is unrelated and a story I won't bore you with...

I guess is not yet available in the regular Playstore app, but for beta testers only? I didn't get any notification for that as of now.

Concerning the bugged recordings: Is there a way to exclude them for calculating the totals? I'm down to 6 liters per 100km (instead of ~7-7.5) due to the considerable amount of "0.0l" commutes already.


The firmware update comes from within the app, not from the app store.
You should get a notification of a new firmware being available - I'm using iOS, so not sure about Android.

Imam may have a response regarding excluding/deleting the bad data.  It doesn't overly concern me.

Hi Mathias,

We don't yet have the capability in app to delete trips. However, the trip data is refreshed every week.

I am looking into why you haven't got any notification to install firmware yet.



Hey Imam,

the update appeared earlier today at work, where I have no WiFi available and mobile data is basically shut down as well. Not sure what happened, but the update applied flawlessly and now the readings are back. Thanks a lot!


Awesome to hear that Mathias !

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