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I love the new leader board the only thing I would like is that I knew the total of drivers in it so if I'm 103rd out of 105 then I need to work on it or if I'm 103rd out of 10000 I can rest easy. Also maybe we could see the amount of miles they have travelled. I wouldn't want someone to get first just cause they went on holidays for a week. Maybe miles traveled could be part of the calculation. Loving gofar Tim

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 I'm still confused about the leaderboard. Not only does it not match the scores on the main menu, but also I'm ranked behind people that score worse in both braking and acceleration for no apparent reason. Right now, the leaderboard feature appears to be pure nonsense to me...improvements needed asap!


Thank you for letting us know about the leaderboard bug, we have notified the engineers to look into this problem.



Question about the leaderboard, is your weekly home screen score meant to be your weekly leaderboard score? I know the home screen score resets each week but it seems the leaderboard does not. Can you explain how this works. Thanks.

Hi Paul, 

The difference is the timeframe that they're calculated over.

The score on your GOFAR app dashboard runs from Monday to Sunday. So it resets on at midnight on Sunday morning.  

The score on the leaderboard is calculated in a rolling 7 day window. So it's over the last 7 days. This means that it doesn't just reset to 100 on Monday morning. If you have not taken a trip in 7 days you will become inactive and fall off the leaderboard.

Hope this helps clarify things.


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