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Social Ray


The Ray and app are great, 

but i miss something to benchmark myself/car against. 

Am I spending more or less than others, how to i compare to others out there...

A social part would be great, not a facebook type interaction. 

More of starva(cycling app) type of interaction, lets you compare your performance to others.

In this case your car performance to others, not necessarily the same make or type.

Understand that the number of rays may not be compared to nr of cyclist, and comparisons maybe complicated. 

But comparing averages of km or miles made in US, Australia or Europe might be possible, this way you would be able to:

1 - to follow other cars or drivers.

2 - compare your driving to other people

3 - compare the same itineraries or same mileage itineraries

4 - ranking of car with nr of miles, breaking, acceleration, fuel averages etc...

5 - compare fuel averages on commutes with same km, day, period etc...

6 - Grading of your ride and your driving.....economic or not

7 - Competitions, most economic, most miles, less breaking.... 

is this viable, probably not everything!

please let me have feedback


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Hi Filipe,


Thanks for the suggestion, we really appreciate it mate.


We have applied a lot of improvements so far on our GOFAR product but we still have ways to go.


We will get there eventually.




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