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instantaneous readout

I really like the Ray, and I use the Android app - I was hoping to be able to see my instantaneous fuel economy, but nothing appears in the app until I finish my trip.  Since you are already collecting instantaneous data and sending it to the Ray, can you send it to the app as well to show instantaneous data?  That is the main reason I wanted to have this device...

Thanks for a great product!

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It would be so cool to know, for example, how my fuel economy is impacted by opening the sunroof, or when it is most efficient to use the 6th gear instead of the 5th gear when on the highway.

Hi Hobie,

Thanks for the feedback! Indeed this is possible and we aim to release this feature within the next four weeks.

I've attached a screenshot of the feature working on iOS so you know what to expect, feel free to comment!

fantastic - thank you!!

Any update on this?

I believe this is ready to go into testing next week and should be released the following week if all goes well.

Hi there, the feature is great but the numbers for fuel usage and avg. consumption are too small. Please think about horizontal position of a smartphone and auto rotation option. There is a lot of space and you can add some additional information.
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