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Lights on Ray

Can someone explain why I get a false read-out on my Ray??? What I mean is this, the OBD-II is behind the coin tray in my vehicle down in front of the gear stick. Now there's no way of securing the gongle, apart from sticking it in the corner of the aperture. This is where the problem starts, with the excess cable put inside the aperture and closed up I get the ray giving a week response, if I move else where I get only braking responses, if I move it again I would get just faint acceleration responses, if I touch the dongle in any way ( bearing in mind the engine is running for each of the above positions) it would go off the scale (red), is this normal. I can only compare this to SWR'ing in a CB antenna, when you move your hand close to antenna the SWR would rise, move your hand away the SWR would fall. Any ideas????

Hi Stewart, 

I just want to check if you are still having this problems. 



Hi Al,


Thanks for getting back to me. No issues as such, device working a treat so far.



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