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Cant connect to dongle

Hi after some month my gofar dont work with the App. I reinstall the app, but now i cant connect anymore. Always its tolding wrong pin. Under Bluetooth i cant find the dongle. How i can fix this? Buy the product at kickstarter Device: iPhone 6s, Last Update Last Appversion. Thanks a lot

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Hi Marc,

Sorry for any inconvenience this has caused.

We will investigate this issue on Monday and get back to you as soon as possible.

While we investigate, can you please remove the dongle?




did this get fixed ? If so how ?

I seem to be having the same problem on Android.
I was going through the setup procedure which connected to the dongle and an update. Since then the app refuses to connect to the dongle with an PIN error (same message as attached to this thread by Marc).
I've tried to uninstall/re-install the app and unplugging/re-plugging the dongle to no avail.


Hi Andre,

Very sorry for this issue. I am investigating it and will get back to you as soon as I have more information.



Hi I seem to have same problem. What to do? Greetings Ch

Hi Christian,


I have created a ticket for your issue. Will get back to you as soon as I have more information.





I have the same issue as everyone it seems so what the answer
I had logged into the app With the first letter of my email with capital size. It must All be small letters
Hi I have been unable to connect to the dongle since 9th sept. Today is 13th. I get the message "attempting to connect" but it never seems to be able to. Because of this my last trip from bunbury to perth has not been recorded. Your assistance in remedying this problem would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Tony,

I am so sorry for not replying earlier. This message didn't came to my attention before. 

Wondering if you are still having these issues ?



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