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My car model is not listed in gofar iOS app.

My car model is not listed in gofar iOS app. Please add below:- Make- MAHINDRA Model - NEW AGE XUV5OO W6 Fuel- DIESEL

Gofor snap added
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Hi Still waiting for the reply, i have to update my group members (just to let you know i have XUV 500 owners group with more than 12000 members )my feedback about gofar can motivate them to have this device. So please update about delivery and add xuv500 to gofar iOS app.

Hi Kuleep,

We've replied to your email directly - the XUV 500 will be added in the next release. Let us know if there's anything we can do to help the XUV 500 owners group join the GOFAR revolution in improving the way the world drives.

Happy driving,


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Hi Imam,
Thanks for your reply.
Let me receive my RAY and then will update my group about it's performance.
Accordingly update you.

Kuldeep Singh


Merecedes glc220d not on app

Is that missing from the iOS or the Android App Sanjay?

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