Diesel Accuracy - Big Improvements in 0.19.1

Hi diesel drivers,

We are pleased to announce that GOFAR is looking far more accurate on diesel consumption as of firmware version 0.19.1!

Our engineers and scientists have been working hard crunching huge amounts of data to arrive at a sophisticated fuel calculation model.

If you'd like to put it to the test, simply install 0.19.1 over-the-air and start comparing GOFAR's economy with what you expect or you can do the following experiment:

  1. Fill you tank all the way to the brim (make sure it's completely full). Note down the exact time, date and your odometer reading
  2. Drive around as you normally would. Fire up the GOFAR app from time to time to make sure data syncs
  3. When it's time to fill up again, make sure you fill it right to the brim. Note down the exact date and time, how much diesel you put in (litres / gallons) and the odometer reading.
  4. Calculate the actual economy L/100km = (100 * litres / distance travelled) OR mpg = distance travelled / gallons
  5. Use the app's time filter (coming soon to the App Store) to calculate distance, litres and economy for the same time period
  6. Please do share your numbers with us so that we can continue to improve the accuracy!

If you feel that firmware version 0.19.1 hasn't improved your accuracy, please let us know and our scientists will look into it as a priority.

Happy Driving and a big Thankyou for your patience!


I'm not able to proceed with this firmware upgrade as I'm always getting a message saying 'dongle not available'. However my app is detecting, tracking and saving my trips without any issues. The Bluetooth settings on my phone is also showing my dongle as 'connected'. Also, not sure if it's an issue or its related or not, I do not see a green or blue light on my dongle. The last I remember seeing it glow was when I calibrated my new device (some 2 weeks ago). Any inputs on what I might be missing? Here's a screenshot of the message too
(188 KB)

Hi Punith,

Very sorry for the hassle. Please do the following :

1) Signout from the app

2) Kill the app ( double tap home button and flick up)

3  Reopen the app

4) Sign back in

You should be able to install the update after that.

Let us know if you still having issues.



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Hello! Just got through my first tank on the new firmwareand it seems like it was pretty close. My calculation had it at 39.54 mpg while GOFAR had me at 40.1! Only thing is, the only place I could get that number is from the home screen under "last week". Am I missing something to get all of the details just between the fill-ups or even just narrow it down to the dates between the fill-ups?

Hi Imam, That did work after a couple of attempts. Now I'm on the latest firmware and it does seem to have made the fuel consumption accuracy better. Will monitor it over a few more trips.

Thanks for the support.

Any udates on improving the accuracy on Disel? My 2014 3.0 Land Rovers discovery 4's on board trip computer is way way (acurate by manual calculations) lower on L/km compared to the gofar. Ray stays totally blue during 99% of my driving with ocasional red on hard breaking and i still only get 75-78 score. I have updated the firmwear and there is no change. A bit disapointed about this to tell you the truth.

Hi Emanuel,

We have improved the accuracy on diesel cars and have added a feature for flue trim.

We are working day and night to perfect the diesel accuracy. :) 



Hi, My fuel consumption numbers are at least twice what my car is actually reporting. Also as mentioned above Ray colour is basically blue all the time and my scores for accel/braking are around 72 and unchanging. Is this likely to be fixed? My car is a Citroen with a 2 Litre 4 cyl turbo diesel engine. Car reports approx 11.5 l/100kms where as gofar is reporting about 26 l/100kms. Not sure I see the point in Gofar if these things are not fixed.

Hi Eric, 

We just made a fix for the fuel consumption especially for diesel cars. 

Can you check this article: 


Let me know how'd it go. 



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