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Need for improvements in accuracy and functionality.

The GoFar product has become very static there has been almost no improvements to the accuracy of it diesel usage and any useful functionality of the app since its arrival.

Yes there have been several firmware updates, but what the updates have done is not published and no improvement visible to me.

So far GoFar has not improved my fuel economy, it does not give me access to my detailed data, the details provided by the app can not be expanded and do not related back to the map.

I hate say this but I think it won't be long till I file this thing to my bottom draw. 


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Hi Douglas,

Thanks for the feedback.

Have you had a chance to evaluate the diesel accuracy of our latest firmware update (0.19.1)? We believe it should be pretty spot on.

We've listened to you and a few other customers and we are aiming to deliver the option to export detailed data by the end of August.

If you have any more feedback or ideas, please keep it coming!

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