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Configuration Issue

Greetings -

Got my device today. Followed all the instructions upto the final step where I am supposed to connect the Ray module with dongle. Once done, there is no response from Ray module. It is not showing any lights or any sort of progress. I have made sure that:

- all connections are properly seated

- reconnected the dongle

- restarted the car

- drove the car for approx 1km with few stops

Attaching the images of all connections.

Appreciate your help.

Cheers -

(247 KB)
(250 KB)
(1.45 MB)
(1.56 MB)

++ I have upgraded the firmware during the process of configuration.


Thank you guys for the prompt support.

I have been able to fix the issue. I was connecting the Dongle to Ray cord in wrong order.

Everything is working so-far and loving it.

Cheers -

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