Android is in Alpha!

Great news Android users, the GOFAR app is in alpha!

This is the very minimal GOFAR Android app. It will let you set up your GOFAR account, set up your dongle and Ray and will log your trips.

We will continually release updates as we add in more functionality. Please be patient, it will happen eventually :)

= Known Issues =
– Bluetooth Flakiness (try killing app, turning bluetooth off and on)
– No server sync (data will exist only on the phone)
– No location services
– Slow firmware update
– No Driving Summary & Scores
– No Detailed trip information
– No Localised Units
– No Brightness Setting

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 Concerning the BETA, i  downloaded this, and it looks great, How ever this cause a massive problem on my phone. The app proceded to take up over 9 GB's of my phones storage, effectively filling it up. ( also it wont allow me to put the app on my SD card) I then had to delete all my data for the app and start from scratch again. is this a problem that you have seen with other androids and this new model?

Also, the MPG or calculation or whatever is very off, it often states i'm getting about 12-13 mpg per trip when i'm infact getting arounf 15-16 mpg. I know this bc i watch my avg mpg on my cars meter climb and not decrease when i'm driving. It used to be a lot more accurate until about the past month. were there any changes with that? I have tried recalibrating a few times to no avail.

Also, i'm tired of losing all my data everytime i have to recalibrate, or reinstall the app. Will there be any provider side storage to keep our data? I dont feel like it should be solely kept on just our phones.

Is this the problem you were refering too above?

Hi Carter,

I've released an update, does it resolve your storage issue?

We will look into your MPG calculation.

All your data is securely stored on the cloud and once we implement the cloud restore feature you will get all your data back onto your phone after a reinstall. Sorry for the inconvenience in the mean time but rest assured that your data is not lost.



Has anybody tried the fill-ups feature? Is it working well?

It's working for me in the regular Playstore version. The gas price calculation for trips uses the latest fill-up data, so that's a big step forward.

However, the trip data still has problems. Basically every trip gets sort of cut-off at the end, see attached screenshot. This has been a problem since trips get displayed this way. It's not solved by staying longer in the car (I suspected it's just an interrupted data transfer). GPS track data is recorded just fine, there are no gaps or hops in the trace on the map.

As for feature requests: I'd like to see some grid on the data shown in the screenshot. I picked one with an emergency braking incident at the beginning of the trip, and this one should differ from the spike at the end, which was some sharp breaking at walking speed at traffic lights in the city. The "km per litre" graph is obviously totally worthless, and does not obey the unit settings which are in liters per 100km. Again, with no grids, even a more detailed graph would be hard to read. And the grids request also applies to the speed graph at the bottom, which for no apparent reason has 150 km/h as scale max, even for trips inside city borders that never even exceed 50 km/h.

Thanks Bzzzzzz!

Good spot on the graphs, we'll get on that right away.

For acceleration graph, that's a good point, we should really be reflecting emergency braking somehow.

Noted on the graphs, maybe we can add some "tap to expand" and grids and be smarter about the scales?


I'm using the GOFAR-B (I wish you would rename it's icon too because now I have to GOFAR next to each other and not sure which is from the android store and which is the B)

When I click on a trip and I get the detailed breakdown it shows everything in km/L and km/h on the bottom, and up top it shows them as MPG, LBS and Miles (the settings I set) so just that that in the detailed area under trip on the bottom doesn't change the miles...

Also I've been wondering what's considered a "good" score?
I used to average around 50/50 and after an update and new reconfiguration I've been averaging 67/76.

A guide of what's "good/bad/average" would be nice. Maybe

Maybe a history would be cool too, to track progress (positive or negative)


Hi Janos,

Thanks for useful feedback we really like your suggestions. 

You are right about confusing GOFAR icons. We will work on fixing that. 

I am looking into the issue you are having and will get back to you as soon as I have more information. 

Regarding context around scores, we will soon add leader boards to Android app, so that drivers can compare their scores against other drivers in Gofar pool. In current scoring system a very good score is anything above 90. A score of 75+ is considered above average. 



Didn't realize the score was 1-100.
Good to know.
I'm using the GOFAR-B (which already has leader boards)
And I'm experiencing massive battery drain during drive and after. I got home an hr ago with around 50% battery. It's at 15% now and battery usage says GOFAR 50%. Has to regularly force close it (from the battery usage menu)


Really sorry about the battery drain Janos, I'll look into it right away.

Ok Janos there was a server issue that is now fixed, can you please let me know if you see this problem again? Very sorry about that,we were all too busy welcoming in the new year to pick it up!



So Friday I got the new Galaxy S8 (love it!) And Saturday I set up GOFAR-B, I just signed in with my email and password, I had to "add new car" and re do every step. I thought all my data was backed up to the cloud, all my trips, but no, seems like I'm starting from 0 again.
So just letting you know seems like all my past few months of data is lost even though I used the same account as before.

Hi Janos,

I apologize for the inconvenience. Your data is backed up to the cloud, however the Android app does not have to feature to sync back that data yet. Once that sync feature is released on Android, you will be able to browse all your older trips on your phone. 



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