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OnStar compatibility

I have an active OnStar subscription for my GMC truck and just received my first monthly "diagnostic report" from OnStar since installing the GoFar.  Unfortunately it seems the GoFar blocks access to the diagnostic data that is typically sent up to GMC as most of the topics in the email had this error:

"We were unable to successfully complete a diagnostic test. This issue may be caused by an aftermarket device plugged into your vehicle's diagnostic port."

I have never seen this error in my diag reports from GMC and obviously I do have the GoFar plugged into the diag port as noted in the error.  Is there anything GoFar can do to allow OnStar diagnostics to function while the GoFar is plugged in?

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I have this same error (Cadillac Escalade), and I also started intermittently having my vehicle throw error codes for Stabilitrak/Traction Control with the result of disabling traction control and a dash warning to have traction control serviced.  This occurred subsequent to Firmware, and I've since disconnected my device pending resolution...please let me know if I should start a separate ticket thread.

Is Go Far device compatible with 1997-1999 W202 Mercedes Benz C200 & C220?

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