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Option to turn off safety tuning

I backed Gofar on Kickstarter purely for the efficiency tracking. During my 1st commute with GoFar, I noticed that at 75MPH with my foot on the gas peddle I was blue, but going downhill and lifting my foot, at 76MPH, the display would go completely red. I can only assume this is a hard-coded safety threshold that pretty much renders the display useless for my Texas high speed limit road commutes. I do realize speed affects efficiency, but time is also a cost I need to factor. I do appreciate the smart-driving additions, but I myself purely want to know the load on my engine and it's efficiency at whatever speed the roads allow. Texas has some roads with an 85MPH speed limit.

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Great Ian, keep those feature requests coming!

I have @imam. The beta program works well for my old mercury! the adjustable speed threshold is very nice although ill leave it at 74mph. The Speed Threshold is adjusted via Ray Settings within the general settings page.


Loyal customer,


Are any of you guys in the beta test group?

If so, have you had a chance to try out the adjustable speed / safety threshold?

This would be great!  I have a frequent route where previous experience has shown that optimal gas mileage is around 78 mph in a hilly section.  It was funny that GoFar was all blue going uphill at about 73mph with light application of throttle (~2500 rpm), but went all red after crest of hill as soon as it passed 75 mph and engine down around 1000 rpm (and only 4 cylinders activated, out of 8).

Hi George,

Yes you're absolutely right this is a safety / efficiency threshold. As you've said, most cars start to become very inefficient above 75MPH due to wind drag.

We tried to have a "one size fits all" solution however having a simple option to turn the threshold off sounds like a great idea. We will add it to the list.

Thanks for your feedback!


I did notice the same thing - that it goes all red at about 120km/h, I don't mind the feature but it would be nice as an option.

Oops Guess I should have changed the title since I moved this to problems instead of feature requests
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