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Allow colour changing, and don't default to red for braking

I'm concerned that the GoFar Ray lighting up in Red under heavy braking might psychologically pre-dispose drivers to coming off the brakes too early or braking less hard than they should - bearing in mind that the device is something they're trying to prevent from turning red. A good solution may be to make the colour tunable by the user, and use a different default: Still use Red for inefficient acceleration (which should be entirely under the user's control), but perhaps use Purple (e.g. light the Red and Blue elements together) for heavy braking - thereby still signalling a change from normal/blue, but not providing any disincentive to brake as much as is necessary.

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I agree. I am not sure if other colours can be introduced (thus allowing for custom colours or user 'tuneable' colours) but I do agree that seeing red affects my braking. Purple would be the best (as it's something we're quite accustomed to by now). Also, I had a similarly "funny" experience. After slamming my brakes in a panic at a red light, I saw Ray beam red at me for the obvious inefficiency. However, (subconsciously) not wanting to be inefficient, I let go of the brakes. Later realising that in fact, I am at a red light and should be braking regardless of efficiency. Thought to ponder, as I 'red' maybe too closely associated a good (not hard braking) and a bad (the need to brake!) thing. Hopefully this makes sense..
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