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Graphs difficult to read; better mapping between graphs and route

It's very hard to get information from the graphs in the trip breakdown. The data points are so close to each other that all the graph really tells me is: "this trip, your driving efficiency varied a lot". In effect, the graphs for all my trips are identical.

It's also hard to see the correlation between the analysis graphs and the route I've driven. I'd like to know where I was when that red peak happened. I think a better mapping between graphs and route would tell me more. 

I can think of two ways of doing this: 

1) Add performance data to the map, for example by coloring the line describing the route in the map view

2) Add map data to the performance graph. Use google maps data and let me zoom in on the graph, so I can see that "this peak happened in this intersection". Let me click the location text to see it in the map. This might be a bit of an overload if every point on the graph was tagged with loc. info; as such maybe it would be good if only the case of an extreme data point would get geotagged.

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Hi Jonas, 


Thanks for the suggestion, we really appreciate it mate.


We have applied a lot of improvements so far on our GOFAR product but we still have ways to go.


We will get there eventually.




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