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Bi fuel cars

Hi all!

I've bought my Gofar yesterday, and today looking trough the forum discussions i've noticed that no one has posted questions regarding bifuel cars compatibility.

I own a 2013 petrol/lpg car, and normally i travel 20km on petrol and 80 on lpg, each day.

Is Gofar compatible with bifuel motors?

If yes, can you explain how it works?

Thank you!


Hi Andrea

Yes it is compatible with petrol/LPG cars, however the current firmware might be slightly inaccurate on fuel consumption calculation when running on LPG. We are working on fixing it.



What is the current status?

Gofar doesn't work at all in my petrol/CNG car and I where told that it needed a new firmware to be able to get any readings at all.

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Yes need an Update more customers want this toy that have dual fuel please.

Hi Dariusz and Mikael,

First of all I would like to apologize for not replying earlier. 

Could you please tell me the make and models of your cars. Also how far were you able to go with the setup with your CNG cars and where did it get stuck. 

Gofar should be able to communicate with your car and provide you with Ray feedback however the CNG fuel calculation will be quite inaccurate.



What's the current status? Will you support CNG/petrol hybrids?

Hi Mikael,

Sorry we still don't know when will it be. 



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