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Loss of Trip Data when needing to recalibrate or reload app


I have noticed that on the odd occasion that I have either updated software, or the app had to be re-installed, that all the historical data prior to this point is no longer on the app.

I have however tested the data download and the tag trip features and they work well.

Is my historical data available from your server?

Kind regards,


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Hi Gavin,

All your data is securely stored on the server.

The app currently does not have the ability to sync data back down from the server but this capability will be added in a future release.

The data download is for the current "vehicle profile". If you've done another vehicle setup, this creates a new "vehicle profile". We are currently adding the capability to link back up to an old vehicle profile however I must admit it is a little awkward at the moment.

In the meantime, we can personally deliver you a CSV with all your historical data if you wish!

Kind Regards,


Hi Pete,
Thanks for the quick response.  If you can send a csv of the data to date that would be great.  I need to use this for this year's tax :)




It has been done, good sir.

We've been having more and more conversations here about building a great product to support tax reporting. Please do let us know how you get on with your reporting and if there's anything further we can do to make the process easier.

Happy Driving.

Hi I just wanted to add my voice to getting the previous data back in the app following a restore. Data is really what Gofar is all about to me so having it in the nice app format is best. Cheers Adam

Thanks for the feedback Adam, we'll do our best to deliver this soon.

I've just purchased a new iPhone and despite restoring from the backup of my old phone, GoFar is not recognising any of my old data and wants me to set up a new car. Surely something can be done about this - almost no other app has this problem if restoring from a backup.

Hi Scott,

You are right, we should be able to restore your data and your profile from the backup. Our next iteration of the app will be able to do this. Unfortunately for now you will have to redo the setup with the new car. We are very sorry for the hassle. 



A year on from the above post and I see we still have the same issues. I've just moved to the iPhone X and restored from a back up and all my data is lost. Is this issue still being looked at or is it in the i don't care basket now?

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Hi David, 

I am extremely sorry for not replying earlier. Your message didn't come to my attention before.

Are you still having the same issues ? 



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Same issue here - swapped to a new car and now all my data is gone......
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