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Mobile Data Usage Excessive

My dayly drive to and from work is two hours daily, monitoring of the GoFar app shows 10 meg of data per day. I find this excessive, if I went on a driving holiday all my mobile data allowance would be consumed very quickly. 

If you must upload so much data please buffer it and upload when I have a WiFi connection.  

Hi Douglas,

You raise a really good point and buffering it for upload when WiFi becomes available is a great idea. I will add it to the backlog and we will deliver it as soon as we can.

Kind Regards,


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Any update on this?

I have 1GB a month data allowance, last month I actually ran out the day before it renews mainly due to GoFar using (like Douglas) about 10Mb a day.  By comparison Waze which is active on the same trips, uses about 2mb a day.

I suspect that's also why my 1hr commute uses 40 to 50% of my iPhone 5's battery with Waze and GoFar apps on, whereas Waze alone uses about 20%.


Hi Gavin,

We have been heavily focussed on delivering the Android app and haven't looked further into this issue yet. Android is in alpha testing and this issue is at the top of our iOS priorities. My estimate is that we will release an improvement in about 2-3 weeks.

Really sorry for the inconvenience in the mean time.


Any update?  With this and the wildy over the top diesel values I get the Go-Far is more a pretty ornament than a useful tool?


Yes we have drastically reduced the mobile data usage and the new optimised algorithm is in the final stages of testing. We hope to have the update available next week.

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