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Cost of trip - set petrol price


the app calculates my trip costs to be unreasonably low. What is the calculation based on? I would have thought petrol price, but how Gofar (wrongly) knows that, I have no idea.

I would like to not only be able to set the petrol price, but also other costs related to my car. I want the total cost of each trip. So I would want somewhere to set

  1. The petrol price
  2. The cost of my insurance
  3. The cost of my car loan (remainder + interest)
  4. The cost of the annual road fee (a Norwegian thing?)
  5. A place to enter other costs such as repairs, tyres, windscreen wiper fluid etc.

Another thing: If I look at the details for a trip, the 'economy' bit is listed in the unit L/100km. Further down, it's listed in km/L. This is rather confusing. 


Thanks for your ideas - we think they're very good. You can already do # 1 today. You just need to post a 'fill-up' in the app. You do this by clicking on the fuel pump symbol in the top right corner of the main screen (see figure 1). This allows you to enter the amount of fuel you add and the price you pay each time you fill up (see figure 2). This calculates a price per Litre which is then used to calculate the cost of each trip from then on. Every time you fill up, the price per Litre is updated from that moment on.

In terms of your other ideas, we'll put them into the prioritisation process and let you know when they have made it into a development sprint.

Happy driving,


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Figure 1.PNG
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It would be excellent if the android app could have the same options as the ios app, is kind of annoying knowing that one app works better than the other
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