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Need to restart app to reconnect

Every few days it seems that I need to restart the app for the Bluetooth to connect to the device. It seems like this might be a known issue as it is solution #3 in this help page: Is this happening to other people too? Is this something that can be fixed by an app update? It's not the end of the world - it's just annoying and when it first happened I thought my GoFar was broken.

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I've had all sorts of problems like this. Since it was calibrated, I haven't gotten any data. I've tried every combination possible with opening closing the app, restarting, connecting disconnecting Bluetooth, etc. Nothing seems to work. I've opened a ticket with support, so we'll see what happens.

Hi Josh and Nick,

This would appear to be an issue with the way GOFAR's iPhone app handles the bluetooth connection. I've had similar reports from others.

We are doing our best to hunt this issue down but has been a little elusive so far. In the mean time, thanks for your patience and manually restarting the app.

Kind Regards,


Do you have an update on this? I have the same problem on Android.

Apparently, it's not just the way iPhone handles bluetooth. The frequent disconnection is very much frequent for android phones as well. I have been using a similar product in the past, which never gave me any issues and consistently logged trip information every single time!

Hi Android users,

We apologize for the bluetooth issues. We are working on this as our highest priority, however, we have not been able to pin point the bug yet. Please bear with us while we work on this bug.



The other day, Ian mentioned that they were working with an Android specialist and the cause for the bug had been determined ?? So which so true here ?

Hi George,

Yes, we were working with an Android expert and it did appear that we are very close to debugging it, but in the end it was not the case. We do have more clues but we have not been able to pin point the bug yet, unfortunately.

I apologize again for the confusion and the hassle.



I am having bluetooth issue as well. It just will nor connect after the first time.
I too have the connections problems I have option of sending units back if I wasn’t happy in 30 days and that looks like only option at this stage Might repurchase after Fault is fixef
When will the Bluetooth problem be fixed my gofar disconnects after 30 minutes very annoying.
Mine is connecting and disconnecting for no reason over my small trips. And if its not doing that it will all cut out for no reason after about 20 minutes and i use a samsung s7 to connect.

George g

lad to see I'm not the only one with this problem, I have tried everything they have suggested to resolve it even when Gofar is the only bluetooth connection to my Samsung S7 it drops out, if they don't come up with a solution very quickly I'll be taking the matter to fair trading.

Mine was working fine but in 27tg he last week it cuts out when it wants and tracks when it wants. So really all i have is the flashing lights
So, I had purchased the GoFar over a year ago and stopped using it because of this issue. A week ago, after several software updates ( that kept happening during this period) and two firmware updates which I had ignored, I decided to give goFar another go.. without any hope that it would still work. But surprisingly, It decided to latch on to the Bluetooth connection without a problem. Over the last week, there had been no disconnection issues at all. I'm.not sure if it's due to the software updates or the phones BLE update.. but one if these sure has resolved the issue.
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