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Diagnostic on gofar not accurate

Hi apart from shining red to purple to blue and the fact that I have genuinely saved money using this the gofar it's diagnostic is completely incorrect compared to my cars own diagnostics and the milage that I am travelling. Basically the gofar says I'm doing half the amount of kilometres that my car is actually doing I've done a reset but no change Anyone having the same problem??
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Hi Gareth,

Thanks for information. Are you still experiencing this problem? Could you tell me the exact time and date that you reset your car odometer so that I can check for anomalies within that time period?

If not and if you're still interested in checking the accuracy of GOFAR, could you please repeat what you've done and let us know the exact time and dates between which you've performed measurements?

Our own internal testing has given results that show our system to be accurate at measuring distance to within a few percent.

Kind Regards,


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