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Lights on Ray does not work

Hello, I received my GoFar yesterday and did everything in the setup, my Bluetooth connected to the dongle well anff but I have no lights or activities on the Ray. Can someone please help? Braf

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Same here. Received the GoFar today, went through the setup process, including installing the latest firmware. Calibrated, but no dice. Tried quitting app and starting it again, plugging in and out the cable at both ends, unplugging the dongle and putting it back in, and switching the car on and off. No dice. 

Same here. Did everything according to the app and no lights at all on the Ray.
Same here as well. Plugged in correctly and completed firmware update but no lights on the Ray and no calibration process in the app. Any advice?
I have lights ok but cannot increase the brightness every time I do on the app nothing changes on the gofar and then it goes back to default settings on the app. So that function doesn't work at all. With fixing the light problem try deleting and reinstalling the app with the diagnosis plug pulled out then start again at the beginning from scratch if that doesn't work sounds like you have a faulty gofar but Ray might have an easier answer and I think it's due a firmware update as I'm having numerous other issues
I'm in Canada. Just received the unit yesterday. I see a green light on the dongle, but nothing on the Ray :( What to do?
Support told me to make sure the cables are oriented the right way. For the Ray, flat side up. For the dongle, pointing to the left if you're looking at the serial number. Worked for me!
Except for Gareth, and unless you have not plugged in the lead properly, if the Ray does not light up more than likely your car is not supported. Since GoFar is based in Sydney I had the guys out at my place and they did the tests and determined that my car was not supported. It is a 2004 HyundaiTrajet. Every country it different but if your car is 2005 or older then this could be your problem as well. So what now? Well rather than seek refund I will keep GoFar for our next vehicle which I am sure will be older than 2006.

Well, I have a Honda Fit 2010 in Canada and here is their answer.:"Looks like a communication problem between dongle and the car. It uses a type of OBD protocol that is a bit uncommon and our software is having some issues there. We are working to resolve it as our highest priority. "

They are working on it.... hopefully they will find out what it is!


If you are having trouble getting Ray to light up, these are possible reasons:

  • Honda Vehicles - We've discovered a bug with the way that we communicate with Honda vehicles. We believe we've fixed the problem and hope to have a firmware update available by the end of next week. Sorry Honda drivers!
  • The Ray cable - If the Ray cable is plugged in upside down, it will not make contact and the Ray won't light up. The flat side of the cable should face up and fit smoothly against the top of the Ray.
  • Your car is not supported - OBD-II was standard around 2000 however some localised models, even if the year of manufacture is more recent than 2000, use much older car computers. Unfortunately there is nothing we can do in this case. If you believe this could be your problem, please send us your make, model and year and we'll try our best to check if the car is OBD-II compliant.
These are the main reasons why the Ray might not be lighting up. If you believe you don't fall into one of these categories, please let us know and we'll work hard to resolve your issue.

Kind Regards,


I had the same issue. When I received the Gofar everything worked fine for couple of weeks. Then ray stopped working. I raised a ticket with Gofar team along with some photos of installation. They realised it's a faulty cable from Dongle to Ray. They sent me a new cable and it is working fine.

I just recieved my Ray, all connections went well during the setup, the green light on the dongle shines, no error messages, but no lights on the Ray. GoFar knew my car model and they never told me it is not supported. What's wrong? Renault Megane 1.6 2000. Quite upset here.
Hi try attaching the lead the other way. The ordinary plug goes in the diagnosis and the curved part of the lead goes into the GoFar Might be as simple as that as I made that mistake at 1st 

Hi Alexander,

I am looking into your ticket and will get back to you as soon as I have more information about this issue.



The light on my device switched off at times while driving. Is that normal?

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