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Track business-related mileage

I'd like to use Gofar to track my business mileage for Australian tax purposes. In order to do so, I need to be able to keep a log of:

  • Beginning odometer reading
  • Ending odometer reading
  • Trip distance
  • Time of day
  • Purpose of journey
Gofar has an advantage over a lot of other iOS apps for tracking business mileage — it automatically starts and stops tracking, thanks to the dongle.

All it needs to be able to do is:
  • Let me tag a trip as "business" (I can see how to filter by tags but can't see how to tag a trip, and would like it to happen at the beginning or end of the trip as an app notification)
  • Let me enter a journey purpose
  • Let me export the data from the app or cloud storage as a .CSV or .XLS

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I'd like to be able to use this kind of functionality as well.  Even if it was just being able to export the trip data in some format and then amend it offline.
I actually thought that logging on here would enable me to access my data.
I have noted that if the system is re calibrated, that [previous data does not appear on the phone.  I assume that this data is still in the cloud somewhere?


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