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Vehicle model not available

I have a Lsandrover Discovery 4. I didn't see this option I noted that diesel was not an option, but I noted that this unde development. Can you advise when these things will be resolved? Also the trip logging function is better than an app that I recently downloaded. This should be a application that could be promoted and enhanced of the trip can have a note added re the trip purpose. I note that if I use the select tonic function of the auto gearbox to slow down on a hill (which doesn't use fuel or the breaks) that the system will go red. Can you help me understand why?
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Hi Gavin,

The Landrover Discovery 4 is available as of GOFAR app version 1.2.0.

Diesel is currently undergoing testing and should be released in the next couple of weeks.

In the next few days we will release trip "tagging" which will allow you to add short tags to trips. Longer "notes" is something that has been requested and is in our feature backlog.

For your tonic function, you're absolutely right that the Ray should not go red in this situation. Our engineers are working on this problem and we hope to deliver improved feedback soon.

Kind Regards,


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