That's fine.  Early customers signing up in July 2023 can keep the Unlimited Plan for $59/year.  

That's a 50% discount off the standard price.

  • Early customers signing up in August 2023 will get the Unlimited Plan for $79/year.
  • From September 1st, the price for all customers then reverts to align with standard pricing at $120/year

[N.B. "Early customers" applies only to purchases made before February 14th 2021]

Read below for instructions on signing up to the Unlimited Plan with the early customer discount:

1. First login with your email address to GOFAR’s secure Subscription Management Portal

It is important that you use the same email as is used in the app.

2. Next please enter your preferred payment details by going to Payment Methods.

3. Once you have provided your preferred payment details, select your current subscription, (this will be the Basic Plan).

4. Next click on Edit Subscription.

5. Then select the tab with your new subscription type, Annual Unlimited Plan.

6. Enter your coupon code, if you received one.

7. You can see the discounted price you will be charged next to your payment method. 

Click Update Subscription to claim the offer.

It is only at this point that you will be charged.