When GOFAR introduced paid Plans on Feb 14th 2021, all our existing customers at the time were placed on a free version of GOFAR's premium Unlimited Plan.  Our strategies and resources at that time enabled us to support the cost of providing these services.

These costs, including data storage, insurance, hosting, connectivity, customer support and employing engineers to ensure everything runs smoothly, are ongoing costs and sadly, they have only increased as we've been impacted by inflation (like all businesses).

The reality of any business is that it must strike a balance between income and expenditure to maintain the service and so we have had to make the difficult decision to make this change.

Customers who purchased GOFAR before Feb 14th 2021 will have the choice to either

  • continue on the free GOFAR Basic Plan, which has full features and allows the logging of up to 1,000 work KMs


  • transition from the free version of the GOFAR Unlimited Plan to a modestly priced one.

It's important to clarify that these changes are not about maximizing profits at the expense of our loyal customers. On the contrary, it's a necessary step to enable us to continue providing you with a high quality of service, while ensuring we remain financially stable and capable of investing in the ongoing development of our product.

In all of this, our primary aim is to keep supporting all of our valued customers as effectively as we have until now.  We deeply appreciate the trust you've placed in us from the start and we thank you for your understanding and continued support.