You can now activate roadside assistance directly in the GOFAR app!  And it's only $72 a year.

GOFAR's Smart Assist offers the essentials of roadside assistance at a very competitive price.  

We can do this because our "Internet of Things" diagnostic technology gives us an edge in keeping cars healthy - so GOFAR is only available to GOFAR customers and cannot be purchased as a standalone product.

The service operates across Australia and Tasmania, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

We've partnered with Digicall Assist Pty Ltd, one of Australia’s largest nationwide roadside assist providers.  We provide the tech and they provide a network of over 3,000 mechanics across all of Australia.  They already support 500,000 Aussie drivers so they know their stuff.

What's included?

  • Minor Roadside Repairs - where it is possible and safe to do so - to get you moving fast.
  • Emergency Fuel - if you run out we'll deliver $10 of fuel free to help you get to the nearest petrol station.  If you need more we'll charge for the extra.
  • Flat Tyres - if you have a flat tyre, we will arrange for it to be changed with the vehicle’s serviceable spare wheel or transport the vehicle to an approved tyre outlet. Should additional services be required for any reason, such as a replacement tyre, these can be provided but would be at the Driver’s cost.
  • Flat Battery - If your battery is flat, then we will provide a jump start. If the battery cannot be charged then we can arrange for a replacement battery. Whilst assistance services like ours do not cover the costs of replacement parts, such as batteries, arranging the replacement for you is part of our service.
  • Lost Or Locked Keys - If the key to your Nominated Vehicle has been lost or stolen, we will either arrange for the spare key to be delivered to you by taxi or arrange for a locksmith to attend. We will cover up to $150 towards locksmith costs but you will be responsible for all costs above this level.
  • Towing -  if the car cannot be mobilised on the roadside, we will tow it to the nearest Authorised Repairer as soon as practical.  Towing is provided free of charge in capital cities and major metropolitan areas for up to 20km from the breakdown location. In the country, we will tow for up to 100km from the breakdown location. This covers the vast majority of situations but above 20km in town and above 100km in the country you will be responsible for any extra costs.

Who is it best for?

It's pretty spot on for about 90% of Aussie drivers and car trips.  If you're driving in the big cities, the suburbs or bigger country towns it's a great option.  

If however you're planning on driving a huge, old, recreational vehicle off road in the wildest parts of deepest central Australia you might want to get a more specialist policy!

How to buy?

Open the app.  Go to the Car Health section and click activate and follow the prompts.  

Quick and easy and great value.

The full terms and conditions are here