GOFAR does not work with other apps.

We made this decision based on two factors mainly, security and reliability.

GOFAR creates a wireless connection with you your car's computer, and ensuring security over this connection is of a huge concern to us. We use bank level security across this connection to ensure protection for you against others who may want to try and gain access to you connection. If we were to open this connection to other apps, we would also open you to the risk of hacking. Others build products like this, we just won't do this. We have worked very hard to ensure that every link in our data chain uses the best security available.

Then there is data reliability. Ensuring a reliable data connection is actually very difficult. We have refined this over two years now with the goal of perfect, seamless connection. This is an elusive goal that we will continue to strive for. The issue is that if we were to open up to other apps, this goal would be compromised. Again, we could not go down that path.

This may change in the future as we may be able to partner with other app providers and be in a position to maintain security and reliability. But until then it will be the GOFAR App for us with the GOFAR device.